100,000 tons npk compound fertilizer production line process

100,000 tons of npk production line process The entire compound fertilizer production process: raw material batching, raw material mixing, granulation process, drying process, cooling process, screening process, coating process, packaging process.
Raw material mixing and granulation:
Mix the raw materials evenly to increase the nutrient content of the granular fertilizer. After mixing evenly, the raw materials are transported to the drum granulator for granulation, and steam and gaseous ammonia are introduced, or orthophosphoric acid, ammonium phosphate slurry, nitrogen solution, and calcium carbonate slurry are added, and a series of chemical reactions occur in the drum . A small amount of water can be added throughout the production process. The drum rotates, and the raw materials are condensed into fertilizer granules under specific temperature and humidity. This is the whole NPK fertilizer granulation process.
Drying and cooling of fertilizer granules:
The ammonia phosphorus potassium fertilizer is sent to the tumble dryer to dry out the moisture in the fertilizer granules and improve the strength of the fertilizer. After drying, due to the high temperature, the fertilizer is easy to agglomerate, so the NPK granular fertilizer needs to be cooled for storage and transportation. We chose the drum cooler .



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