311nm Narrow Band UVB Phototherapy KN-4002A/B/AB


Product Name: 311nm Narrow Band UVB Phototherapy KN-4002A/B/AB

Company Name: Kernel Medical Equipment Co.,LTD

Address: #2 Dongshan Rd, Xuzhou economic development zone, Xuzhou 221004, JS, China

Description: Adopts 10 pieces Philips special UV lamp as light source, UVA and UVB can work independently or integratedly.Irradiator automatically goes up and down (vertical distance is up to 40cm, rotation angle is 0-90° ), and it can be locked in any angle and rotated in a certain angle; patients can choose to sit or lie during treatment.With optional special software of remote control and case management function as well as irradiation intensity meter

Contact: Tracy Yao

Telphone: 86-0516-86-516-87732218

Fax: 86-0516-6-516-87732210

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.kernelmedint.com


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