4 ways to Spot replica Gucci Sunglasses


1. Make sure you have genuine product and warranty certificate. Genuine Gucci sunglasses come with a Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty, which can be found inside the packaging. The Certificate of Authenticity should be on a card in an envelope. The back of the card should have information about the color and style of the sunglasses. Compare the information on the card to your sunglasses to make sure they match.
2. Check the retail box. Genuine Gucci sunglasses should come in a Gucci box. The “Gucci” logo and lettering on the box should match the Gucci on your sunglasses. Newer models typically have boxes that are brown with gold lettering, but older models change the color and style of the packaging.
Remember, replica designer sunglasses can fit in real packaging.
3. Look at the suitcase. Suitcases should go in boxes. The logo and font should also match the box and glasses. Check the suitcase to make sure the stitching is even and straight. Newer suitcases are usually brown with gold lettering, but older models can vary in style.
4. Check the brown cloth. Boxes and carrying cases should come with a rag. 


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