48 Core indoor Optic Fiber Cable


Product Name: 48 Core indoor Optic Fiber Cable

Company Name: OUFU Optical Fiber Cable Co.,Ltd.

Address: No.20-1 GuiXiang North Street,SuJiaTun District ,ShenYang City,LiaoNing Province.China

Description: Product features :1. Precise control of the excess length of the optical fiber ensures that the optical cable has good tensile performance and temperature characteristics.2. PBT loose tube material has good hydrolysis resistance. The tube is filled with special ointment to protect the optical fiber.3. The smooth outer sheath enables the optical cable to have a smaller friction coefficient during installation.4. PE sheath has good solar radiation resistance.5. Light weight and convenient laying.6. The optical cable has excellent flexibility and bending resistance.

Contact: Amy Zhai

Telphone: 86-024-31015451

Fax: 86-024-31015451

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.oufuofc.com


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