4K Film Scanning


4K film scanning will digitize better at 4K than at 2K. And you’ll have the benefit of timelessness to the film which generations after you can watch in enjoyment due to high detail and color. Scanning service has become one of the basic needs for people now days. Microfilm scanning is also popular amongst businesses that are in need of having their old plans or blueprints converted that they may have taken in photographic form to preserve them, to find when you need them. Often the only images that can be found of certain people will only be available through the negatives so this is also seen as quite a necessary service. Businesses are also starting to digitize their old file types such as negatives and microfiche in order to have a digital copy, whether for nostalgia’s sake or for other business reasons. The 5K archival film scanner can scan 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm or Pathe, 16mm, Super16, and 35mm film (if you have 17.5mm and 28mm please contact us). The scanner is capable of scanning all gauges of film at anything from HD to 5K.


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