50 Tons Per Day High Yield Corn Mill Machine


Product Name: 50 Tons Per Day High Yield Corn Mill Machine

Company Name: Liaoning Golden Grain Grain and Oil Machinery Co.,Ltd

Address: No.11A1,NO.6 street, Economic and Technological Development Zoneļ¼Œ Shenyang

Description: 1.Corn processing equipments can save labor costs, usually one person can be available for operation.2.Complete function processing as cleaning maize, peeling maize, and grinding maize into maize flour and maize grits.3.Maize milling machine clean maize to remove stone, metal, sand and all sorts of impurities.4.Corn processing equipments peel maize to remove maize skin, remove maize germ, remove black maize . After cleaning and peeling, it prepares best maize material for further processing into maize flour or grits.5.You can choose the mesh to make the flours fine as you requirement.

Contact: Anisya

Telphone: 86-024-31992039

Fax: 86-024-31992039

Email: [email protected]

Company Website: http://www.goldengrainmill.com


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