A Guide to Mobile Aluminium Scaffold


 Mobile aluminium scaffold can be safely called the most interesting innovation in the field of high-end construction gear. It is also really convenient to use and assemble a mobile aluminium scaffold. When it comes to aluminium scaffold there are two main categories that you can use, tower and mobile. A tower scaffold is a free structure made up of four vertical standards attached together horizontally and transversely to make up a scaffold bay.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold is an aluminium structure that is structured on site. It can be constructed to a maximum height of 12 metres and comes equipped as an aluminium scaffolding wheels to provide better manuevarity. If you need elevation, but are always on the move then we have a solution for you too.

Aluminium Mobile provides a safe elevated working platform for construction activities like plastering or painting, where you need to constantly go about the construction site. It is safe, easy to assemble and doesn’t need to be broken down before moving it.

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