Acoustic Logging Tool Parts


Product Name: Acoustic Logging Tool Parts

Company Name: Liaoning Tolian Technology development Co,. Ltd

Address: Adress:No.45 Shuangde Street,Tiexi Distrct,Anshan City,Liaoning Province,China

Description: Acoustic Logging Tool PartsAcoustic Logging Tool Parts is use to well logging. We are a professional machining factory for oilfield parts. We can process the electrical logging tools shell according to customer's requirements. We can provide machining of the deep hole, thread, slender hole , kinds of groove,oblique hole,circular arc and other shapes etc…Machined Acoustic Logging Tool Parts which are used for the well logging, they are machined from17-4, P550 material with slender holes,grooves, threads and so on.

Contact: Zhang

Telphone: 86-0412-8923738

Fax: 86-0412-8923758

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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