Acrylic Two Way Mirror


Product Name: Acrylic Two Way Mirror

Company Name: Dheem

Address: No. 1 Xingfeng RD,Songxia Industrial Zone,Nanhai District,Foshan,China

Description: Acrylic Two Way Mirror is the ideal solution to enhance the ambience of any bathroom, hallway or room in your home. The unique shape design, coupled with the light transmission of the acrylic material, makes the light more concentrated, and the frosted frame emits a special soft glow, adding a sense of luxury and fashion to your design.Small changes in bathroom decor can change the overall vibe of a room. LED Acrylic Two Way Mirror is one such product that can transform your bathroom area. The mirror has a built-in defogger pad, and the mirror's glass remains crystal clear at all times.

Contact: David

Telphone: 86-757-85239199

Fax: 86-757-85239189

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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