Advantages of chicken manure in composting and fermenting fertilizer using organic fertilizer production line

1. Start fermentation quickly. Generally in summer, the composting time for chicken manure compost treated by a professional compost turning machine to reach the harmless index is about 20 days, and it usually takes about 60 days for natural fermentation to reach this index. Mainly because of the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, the materials in the materials are fermented and degraded, shortening the time for compost to reach the high temperature stage, and prolonging the high temperature period. In winter, because the temperature is too low, it is difficult to start fermentation. You can add starter microorganisms to the chicken manure to quickly start the chicken manure fermentation.

2. Eliminate pathogenic microorganisms. In the process of adding microbial agents to treat chicken manure with an organic fertilizer turning machine, the compost temperature can reach 65℃~70℃ or even higher. The high temperature not only makes the chicken manure and other materials decompose quickly, but more importantly, it can effectively kill Inactivate pathogenic microorganisms or viruses, among which the stack temperature of 50℃~70℃, lasts for 6~7 days, to the eggs and pathogenic bacteria. It can achieve a very good lethal effect, such as avian influenza virus, which



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