Advantages of granulator widely used in organic fertilizer production


Organic fertilizer granulator is a kind of equipment for producing organic fertilizer, which is widely used in organic fertilizer production. Most of it is used in good farmland, fruits, vegetables, etc., which is conducive to environmental protection. However, the noise of the organic fertilizer granulator is very loud in the work, which also affects the hearing of the operator and brings great trouble to people. Today, we shared the advantages of organic fertilizer granulator and the methods to control noise.

Advantages of organic fertilizer granulator

  1. After the pressure wheel of organic fertilizer granulator increases, the bearing increases and the bearing capacity increases.
  2. With the increase of the pressing wheel, the temperature generated by the extrusion friction is not easy to transfer to the bearing cavity, thus ensuring that the low temperature lubricating oil of the bearing is not easy to overflow.

After adding the roller, the roller can be pressed for 2-3 times, extending the service life of the organic fertilizer granulator, reducing the production cost, and increasing the profit margin of the investment project.

  1. This type of press adopts a variety of uniform distribution, which ensures stable operation, increases



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