Advantages of organic fertilizer equipment for waste resource utilization


Advantages of organic fertilizer equipment for waste resource utilization:

  1. The resource utilization of manure throughorganic fertilizer equipmentcan not only reduce environmental pollution, but also improve the biological safety level of breeding enterprises, reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry, produce high-quality organic fertilizer, improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, generate clean energy, and realize environmental protection. Let the rural economy embark on the fast track of development of “safety, environmental protection and efficiency”.
  2. The organic fertilizer will become natural organic fertilizer under the fermentation of microorganisms after the processing and production procedures oforganic fertilizer equipmentand sterilization, and can be used for the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and flowers. The original diseases and pests harmful to crop growth in livestock and poultry manure have been basically eliminated. In addition, bio-organic fertilizer is fermented and fully decomposed before being applied to the soil, which will not cause crop root burning and seedling burning.
  3. The combination of planting and breeding is an important way to realize the emission reduction of agricultural sources. The working principle of the equipment of theorganic fertilizer production lineis simply to ‘eat’ the organic



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