Advantages of using disc granulator to process chicken manure organic fertilizer


Advantages of using disc granulator to process chicken manure organic fertilizer

  1. The chicken manure organic fertilizer does not contain any chemical components. Due to the poor digestion ability of the chicken, it can only consume 25 nutrients, while the other 75 nutrients in the feed are discharged with the feces, so that the dry product contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter, amino acid, protein and other components.
  2. The main substance in chicken manure organic fertilizer is organic matter, which increases the content of organic matter in soil. Organic matter can improve soil physical, chemical and biological properties, ripen the soil, and improve soil fertility. The proverbs that the land depends on dung and the seedlings grow on dung in rural areas of China reflect the role of chicken manure organic fertilizer in improving soil to a certain extent.
  3. Chicken manure organic fertilizer not only increases many organic colloids, but also decomposes and converts many organic substances into organic colloids through the action of microorganisms, which greatly increases the adsorption surface of the soil, and produces a lot of sticky substances, making the soil particles cemented into stable aggregate structure, improving the soil’s water, fertilizer and air



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