Advantages of using organic fertilizer granulators to produce fertilizer in agriculture


Using the organic fertilizer,which it can produce by using theĀ organic fertilizer production line,has many advantages.What advantages of the organic fertilizer has?
1.Comprehensive nutrients,long-lasting fertilizer effect
There are not only a large number of essential nutrients and microelements for plants,but also rich organic nutrients,such as humic acid,vitamins,auxin,antibiotics and small molecular compounds of organic nitrogen and phosphorus.So organic fertilizer is the most comprehensive fertilizer.In addition,the application amount of organic fertilizer is allowed to vary greatly,which generally does not harm the growth of crops.The application of organic fertilizer can not only increase the yield of crops in the current season,but also have an effect on crops after,generally,the effect is slow and lasting.
2.Improve physical and chemical properties of soil and improve soil fertility
Organic fertilizer contains a lot of organic matter,generally about 200g/kg.Organic matter is an important material basis of soil fertility.The main body of soil organic matter is humus,accounting for 50%-65% of the total amount of soil organic matter.Humus is a kind of complex organic colloid,which can adjust and buffer the ph value of soil,increase the amount of good soil structure,especially the increase of watre stable aggregate structure,so as to improve the tightness,aeration,water retention and



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