Air Company Start-up Transforms Carbon Emission into Vodka to Save Planet


 Strategic Development:

A New York-based start-up, “Air Company” is gaining a lot of attention because of its rare vodka composition, a vodka made from captured carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Through innovation and disruptive technology, the firm’s mission is to create a line of products that can reduce carbon concentration on earth.

A study by Urban Future Lab at New York University shows there are about 350 start-ups that are working in this field to deliver goods made from captured carbon. The technology can be used to reduce CO2 concentration in the atmosphere, convert it into some useful products such as fuel, alcohol, building materials, diamonds, carbonate drinks, animal feed, etc.

Research Strategy:

The start-up makes use of a carbon conversion reactor to make vodka out of thin air, the only input in this reactor is air (CO2), and water which gets converted into ethanol with oxygen and water as by-products. The process is powered by solar energy. It mimics the principle of photosynthesis.

Air (CO2) + Water = Vodka

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