Alumina Refractory Ceramic Crucible


Product Name: Alumina Refractory Ceramic Crucible

Company Name: Jinzhou Yunxing Industrial Ceramics Co.,Ltd

Address: No9 Weimin Road, Fantun Village, Yingpan Town, Taihe District, Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province, China

Description: A. Has high thermal conductivity. The rapid heat transfer between the sample and the crucible ensures that there is a very small temperature difference between the two and the temperature distribution is uniform.B. Ultra-high temperature stability, wide operating temperature range, higher operating temperature up to 1750 ℃, high repeatability, washing with water or 10% hydrochloric acid, drying, can be used repeatedly, without affecting the experimental results.

Contact: Grace chen

Telphone: 86-0416-7174588

Fax: 86-0416-7174966

Email: [email protected]

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