Analysis of Common Troubles of Organic Fertilizer compost turning machine


The organic fertilizer compost turning machineis also called crawler type dump truck and wheel type dump truck. The organic fertilizer compost turning machine is a special fermentation equipment in the special equipment for biological organic fertilizer production. The machine adopts the hydraulic assisted crawler walking design, and the tire walking design can move forward, backward and turn, and is driven by one person.

In the process of using the organic fertilizer compost turning machine, various problems often occur,

Due to the different moisture content and viscosity of materials, the organic fertilizer dumper is easy to rotate during operation. The manufacturer pointed out that it is widely used in the fermentation and composting machine of livestock manure, sludge, sugar factory sludge, residue cake, straw and wood chips and other organic wastes. In order to better manage livestock manure, people often use trash cans for a series of treatment. So, how to solve these problems quickly? What are the causes of common failures of organic fertilizer compost turning machine?

  1. Moisture: The moisture content of fermentation raw materials should be controlled at 60≤65%. Moisture judgment: the less the fermentation water, the worse the water permeability, which will



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