Apache Spark And Zeppelin


Apache Zeppelin is an open-source, web-based “notebook” that enables ineractive data analytics and collaborativee docments. The notebook is integrated with distributed, general-purpose data processing systems such as Apache Spark (Large Scale data processing), Apache Flink (Stream processing framework), and many others. Apache Xeppelin allows you to make beautiful, data-driven, interactive documents with SQL, Scala, R, or Phython right in your browser.


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Pragma Edge is a software, SaaS, and consulting services company that drives digitization data integration and process automation. We are one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. We are achieving this growth by helping our customers to achieve their goals, delivering innovation, collaboration, and agility with solutions and services that improve their bottom line and business operations. We are a team of “Does and Thinkers” who take a pragmatic approach addressing the needs of our customers.

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Why PragmaEdge INC


In addition to delivering seamless, secure and always-on connectivity, Sterling B2B Integrator helps deliver additional business value in terms of: 

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