Application Experience of the Double roll Extrusion Granulator for Organic Fertilizer


The double roll extruding granulator is a granulation process that uses the strong pressure of the equipment to make the solid materials get together. This granulation discharge does not need to pass through the boring process. The counter roll extruding granulator kneads the materials by two counter rotating rollers. When the solid materials are subjected to the external force of the extruding granulator, the air between the powder particles shall be removed first to make them rearrange, so as to eliminate the space between the materials. When the material is kneaded by the extruding granulator, the particles will deform or move, and a strong van der Waals gravitational recombination will occur. At the end of the kneading and granulation process, the energy that forms the system energy with pressure will form a hot spot at the contact point between ions, but the material will melt. The temperature drop and the cooling of the material after discharging will form a fixed and undeformed particle.

During the early operation of the counter roll extruding granulator and other granulating equipment, attention must be paid to the feeding. The usual materials are transported to the bin of the counter roll extruding



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