Application method of flat film extruding granulator for organic fertilizer equipment


In fact, the flat film extruding granulator of the organic fertilizer equipment is basically similar to the roller extruding granulator, which is mainly used in the particle processing of organic fertilizer and the feed processing industry of aquaculture. The treated particles have smooth surface, moderate hardness, uniform formation and regular shape. The particle size can be selected freely according to production needs. Since the moisture content of particles is moderate, they can be kept for a long time, and they can remain unchanged in water for a long time, which can improve the utilization rate of particles.

Use method of flat film extruding granulator:

After adding hyperbolic gear oil into the gearbox of the flat film granulator, the flat film granulator of the organic fertilizer production equipment can be started only after the unit is installed stably and the belt is adjusted properly, and the equipment can be put into production after normal operation.

In the initial application of the new flat film extruding granulator, about 10kg of raw materials are used for trial, so that the film hole is smooth and unblocked, and production can be started; When there are many fine fibers



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