Application methods and skills of organic fertilizer composter


The organic fertilizer composting machine is mainly applicable to farms of various sizes, and its application value is worthy of affirmation. Generally, farmers are very familiar with this kind of animal husbandry machinery. However, because of this situation, many users will use it according to their own operating methods, so there will be some improper operations, resulting in many mechanical failures, inflexibility and inconvenience to use.

  1. The main operation method of theorganic fertilizer compostercan be operated by adults. Workers should pay close attention to it and not chat with other workers. This method of operation is wrong.
  2. The main function of theorganic fertilizer composteris to ferment animal manure on the farm and transform it into green and environment-friendly organic fertilizer through a series of operation methods. As this product is mainly used in farms, we must ensure the safety of cattle and other farmed animals during the use. Generally speaking, when using, try to avoid conflicts with the feeding time of animals, separate them from these times, or drive animals to other places for captive breeding, so as to avoid mechanical noise affecting cattle and causing adverse consequences.
  3. In the process of



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