Application of new organic fertilizer granulator in agriculture


Application of new organic fertilizer granulator in agriculture

In recent years, due to the extensive application of organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer has gradually increased. Through the rich experience of Chinese farmers, in recent years, relying on organic fertilizer to improve soil, fertilizer and food production has greatly increased grain production. It can be seen that organic fertilizer plays an extremely important role in current agricultural production.

Nitrogen and other nutrients, such as organic fertilizer, are only a small part of organic fertilizer, and most of them are organic fertilizer. Organic matter is an important indicator of soil fertility. Even in the future, the retrieval of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium will be mainly provided by fertilizer, but organic fertilizer will still play an important role in improving soil and fertilizer.

The new type organic fertilizer granulator is one of the equipment of organic fertilizer production granulator. The new organic fertilizer granulator can not only granulate various organic substances, but also can granulate coarse fiber materials that are difficult to granulate by traditional equipment, such as livestock and poultry manure, urban garbage, crop straw, wine residue, mushroom residue, drug residue, sludge, etc.

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