Application of organic fertilizer granulator in powder fertilizer production line


Performance characteristics of organic fertilizer granulator: for organic fertilizer raw materials, livestock manure and urine, compost fertilizer, green fertilizer, sea fertilizer, cake fertilizer, peat, soil and miscellaneous fertilizer, microorganism and other urban domestic garbage The new organic fertilizer granulator has the specificity of organic fermentation fertilizer granulation, and the particles are pellets. The machine is suitable for a variety of different formulations. The compressive strength of organic fertilizer is higher than that of disc and drum, and the large ball rate is lower than 15%. The particle size uniformity can be adjusted through stepless speed regulation function according to user requirements. This machine is suitable for direct granulation of organic fertilizer after fermentation to reduce manufacturing costs.

The process flow of the powdery organic fertilizer production line is as follows:

  1. First, mix chicken dung with proper amount of straw powder. The amount depends on the water content of chicken dung. Generally, 45% water content is required for fermentation. That is to say, knead it into a ball, see water in the fingers, but do not drip, and release it to dissolve
  2. Then add the prepared mixture into the mixer for mixing. The mixing must be uniform,



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