Application scope of pig manure organic fertilizer disc granulator


Disc fertilizer granulator machine of pelletizer: The advantages of swine manure organic fertilizer in pellet production of pig manure organic fertilizer need our attention.

1. Operational problems, the pig manure organic fertilizer disc granulator is relatively straightforward to operate, there are not so many complicated procedures, and you can always keep track of the operation of the granulator equipment.
2. The pig manure organic fertilizer disc granulator is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises. Granulators are widely used. As long as the fertilizer is related to granules, it can be granulated using a granulator without any conditions.
3. Pelletizing of pig manure organic fertilizer, that is, the control range of the particle size is very wide, the spheroidization rate is very high, and the spheroidization can reach about 90%.
The use process of the disc pelletizer; the treated pig manure is directly transported to the raw material mixer, and the pig manure is transferred to the homogenizer, and evenly added to the rotating disc of the disc pelletizer. The rotating disc and the edge of the disc produce friction and centrifugal action on the material, causing the material to move in a circumferential direction, and the particles are rubbed and



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