Aquaponics Market Growth, Development and Demand Forecast Report 2030


The concerns regarding limitation of water resources and environment have been on a rise for a few years now. The population across the world has increased significantly, owing to which, the existing resources are not able to meet the demands of people. This, in turn, has created the need for advanced solutions that are also sustainable for catering to the needs of people in a way that does cause any more harm to people. One of such solutions that have been developed recently is the concept of aquaponics.

The system of aquaponics allows the farming of fish and plants together in a cycle that is beneficial for both. Waste that is produced by fish turns into ammonia and nitrates, and make great fertilizers for plants. Meanwhile, as plants utilize these nutrients, the water containing fish is purified. Aquaponics is quickly emerging as an environment-friendly and efficient way to produce food, as no chemical fertilizers are required for plants, unlike traditional farming practices. It is due to such advantages of this technology that the global aquaponics market is expected to advance at a significant rate in the years to come, as per a report by P&S Intelligence.



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