Aquarium Water Test Kit


Product Name: Aquarium Water Test Kit

Company Name: Jilin Test Bio-Electron Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1165 Ya ‘an Road, Beihu Science And Technology Development Zone, Changchun, Jilin, CN

Description: Jilin Test Bio-Electron Co., Ltd is a professional Aquarium Test Strips manufacturer in China . The products sell all over the world and gain good feedback and five start reviews from our clients . Aquarium Water Test Kit is the most important way to protect fish life . Expecially Nitrite and Nitrate : As part of the nitrogen cycle in your aquarium , organic material that contains nitrogen such as fish waste and unsaten food , along with dissolvd waste excreted directly by the fish , defrades to produce nitrite and finally nitrate occurs and may accumulate .

Contact: Celia

Telphone: 86-0431-81951681

Fax: 86-0431-81951681

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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