Artificial leather gloves


Product Name: Artificial leather gloves

Company Name: Shenyang Shanglin Commercial & Trade Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 1411 Huali Building No.28 Hepingbe Avenue Heping District Shenyang China

Description: 1. Artificial leather gloves are leather gloves for work that keep your hands away from the heat and cold, and are made of artificial leather such as polyurethane resin.2. Artificial leather gloves Lighter than genuine leather, urethane gloves, a new material, are flexible, breathable, and breathable, so you can work comfortably.3. Artificial leather gloves use mesh material for the gusset and instep. Gloves are breathable, light and soft to fit.4. Artificial leather gloves with reinforced fingertips have a soft texture and excellent durability.5. The artificial leather gloves produced by our company are used for power distribution work of many electric power related companies.6. The artificial leather gloves produced by us are ranger type gloves that also cover the back of the hand, with an emphasis on safety.


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