Automatic Facial Tissue Box Packing Machine


Product Name: Automatic Facial Tissue Box Packing Machine

Company Name: Baosuo Paper Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd.

Address: NO. 20, Changjiang Road, Sanshan New Town, Nanhai, Foshan City, Guangdong province, China

Description: Machine brief introduction1.Adopting packing mode of auto feeding,box loading, glue spraying, sealing, etc. having compact structure and simplicity in operation and adjustment;2.The machine is controlled by servo motor, touch screen and PLC system, with easy HMI operation and high automation;3.Adopting automatic box conveyor to facilitate automatic production and much lower the labor cost;4.Adopting photo cell automatic detection and tracing system to eliminate empty-packing and save packing material waste;5.Wide packable range with convenient adjustment,able to switch packing sizes quickly;6.Switching packing size does not need to change mold,but only need slight adjustment and change few parts;7.Safer and more reliable by adopting insufficient box-feeding auto stop and main motor overload protection device;8.Up-turning safe guarder is available to make simpler operation and nicer machine look.

Contact: 盛乔

Telphone: 86-0757-86763700

Fax: 86-0757-86785529

Email: [email protected]

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