Automatic feeding silo of organic fertilizer production line can improve the feeding efficiency


With the modernization of breeding plants, the treatment of livestock manure is becoming more and more diversified. Manure is treated by fertilizer production line in industrialization, and the manure is directly used as high-quality organic fertilizer after professional treatment. Fertilizer granulator, compost turner and other equipment ferment livestock manure into organic fertilizer, which not only protects the environment, but also improves the soil, increases soil fertility, increases crop yield, reduces the amount of chemical fertilizer, and achieves multiple effects with one stroke.

The automatic feeding bin is the pre-treatment equipment in the organic fertilizer production line. The machine is mainly used to shovel materials into the feeding bin by forklift silo, which can save manpower, reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency. The mixing shaft of the silo will transfer the materials into the lower conveyor belt, and then the materials will be evenly transported to the granulation equipment or crushing equipment by the conveyor. On the one hand, human beings can be freed from the monotonous and complicated physical labor. On the other hand, only the realization of industrial full-automatic production is the solution to improve the production efficiency.
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