Batch aerobic fermentation process of pig manure organic fertilizer equipment


Intermittent composting adopts the technical route of static one-time fermentation, which shortens the fermentation cycle and reduces the volume of compost. It is to ferment raw materials batch by batch. Generally, forced ventilation stack or fermentation bin with intermittent feeding and unloading are used. For materials with high organic content, forced ventilation is used at the same time, the composter is used to turn the materials intermittently, so as to prevent the composting materials from caking, make them mix evenly, and facilitate ventilation, So as to speed up the fermentation process and shorten the fermentation cycle. Intermittent fermentation devices include rectangular tank type fermentation bin, inclined bed type fermentation bin, vertical cylindrical fermentation bin, etc., all of which are equipped with ventilation pipes, and some are also equipped with mixing or turning devices.

Intermittent aerobic dynamic composting technology is characterized by layered uniform feeding and unloading. One layer of material is evenly discharged from the bottom of the fermentation bin every day, and one layer of material is evenly fed into the top every day. The fermentation bin has been controlled at a certain temperature to promote the reproduction of bacteria under the best conditions. The



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