Beef Chunks Slicing Machine in Meat Industry


Product Name: Beef Chunks Slicing Machine in Meat Industry

Company Name: Shandong Li Zhi Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd

Address: Shop No.2 Qingning village, Cuizhai Town, Jiyang country, Jinan City, Shandong province, China

Description: ● The product passes through the conveyor belt and is clamped by the guide bar to cut the meat into slices.●Accurate cutting quality, the thinnest can reach 2.5mm, multi-layer slicing, high efficiency, up to 8 layers.●Dual-channel operation, high output, up to 1.2 tons per hour.●It can cut products of different thickness by changing the knife holder.

Contact: Joy Gao

Telphone: 86-86-531 88083992

Fax: 86-86-531 88259919

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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