Benefits of automatic batching equipment in NPK production line

The automatic batching equipment has the functions of automatic starting, automatic discharging and automatic zero position jumping, with high accuracy. In the fertilizer industry, the production of NPK fertilizer also needs a variety of raw materials, which requires the use of automatic batching scale. However, considering that fertilizer products are different from food and medicine, the accuracy requirements of batching scale are not strict, so the equipment cost of batching system is not so high, and it replaces manual batching.

Therefore, it is very convenient to configure such equipment in NPK production line. The mechanical conveyor belt is used for feeding and discharging.
Huaqiang automatic batching scale is suitable for the production of special organic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and NPK formula fertilizer, and the addition of a variety of trace elements and a variety of biological function bacteria. The raw material is proportioned and suitable for granulation by rotary drum granulator.

Features of fertilizer automatic batching system:

1. There are many kinds of ingredients: 2-8 kinds of materials can be mixed, and the mixed materials are suitable for fertilizer granulator processing;
2. Ingredients accuracy ≤±0.5%, packaging



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