Benefits of organic fertilizer equipment processing and production to sustainable agricultural development


Developing bio-organic fertilizer is one of the key ways to ensure the development of high-efficiency agriculture. Bio-organic fertilizer refers to a kind of special organic fertilizer that contains microbial strains with specific functions and has a secondary solid fermentation stage in the production process. After the bio-organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line is applied to the soil, sufficient organic matter is used to provide sufficient energy materials for the exogenous functional microorganisms, so that these exogenous functional microorganisms are easy to colonize and reproduce in the soil, After the growth of crop roots, a large amount of root exudates will be secreted. These exogenous functional bacteria that have been colonized in the soil can converge to the root surface and rhizosphere, realize the regulation of rhizosphere microbial flora, and play the role of rhizosphere beneficial bacteria in activating nutrients, stimulating the growth of plant roots, and antagonizing soil-borne pathogens.

Improve soil fertility

95% of the trace elements in the soil exist in an insoluble form and cannot be absorbed and utilized by plants. The microbial metabolites contain a large number of organic acids. These substances, like hot water added in ice, can



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