Benefits of Organic Fertilizer Granulator Impact of Agriculture on the Environment


Due to the development of China’s manufacturing industry and the constant changes in the level of natural and economic development, people’s traditional organic fertilizer equipment cannot be fully integrated into the standard under the new situation, so we have a stronger method for it. In the face of various practical problems, we carried out relevant scientific research. Later, people found that relatively new methods promoted the development of organic fertilizers on the basis of traditional experience, and greatly improved our environment. Has made great contributions!

Generally, the disc granulator for organic fertilizer is divided into two parts, in which the fermentation part is divided into three types of equipment: premixing equipment, dumper and refining equipment; The organic fertilizer granulator equipment is divided into two mixers – pulverizer – granulator – dryer – cooler – screening machine coater – automatic packer, and the equipment is connected by conveyor or elevator. Auxiliary equipment, baffle dedusting, cyclone dedusting, ink dedusting, induced draft fan and other equipment. In the past, we needed to adapt to the development of nature, which had little impact on our environment. However, with the continuous development of society, this item has also changed. To a certain extent,


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