Benefits of organic fertilizer on agricultural production


Organic fertilizer is made from livestock manure, straw and other raw materials through fermentation and decomposition of beneficial microorganisms. The direct use of non rotting organic substances will cause serious problems, such as root burning, chicken pox and other diseases, which will seriously affect the quality and efficiency of fruits. The process of fermentation and decomposition is mainly through the high-temperature aerobic fermentation of microorganisms (the decomposition temperature can reach more than 80 ℃), harmless, stable and deodorized substances to form organic fertilizers, which are conducive to the growth and development of fruit trees and improve the soil.

Organic fertilizer is a kind of organic fertilizer and a certain number of functional microorganisms. After the impurities in livestock manure, crop straw, agricultural and food processing products and organic wastes are treated, it is combined with multifunctional fermentation seed agent, rapid deodorization, maturation and dehydration, and then added with functional biological seed agent for treatment. It meets the chemical fertilizer principle requirements for the production of safe and pollution-free green agricultural products, and is a promising fertilizer. When applying bio organic fertilizer to vegetables, we must master the correct fertilization method to obtain good fertilization effect.

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