Benefits of processing fertilizer in livestock manure organic fertilizer production line

In China’s agricultural production, in order to increase the yield of crops, people will not hesitate to dump a large amount of chemical fertilizers (inorganic chemical fertilizers) into the farmland, and the use of nitrogen fertilizer, urea, and compound fertilizer composed of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium is increasing, and the concentration The higher. Although this has maintained a certain effect of increasing output, year after year, the consequences are extremely serious, the main performance is as follows:

So what the benefits of the organic fertilizer manufacturing process are?
First, the soil is compacted and solid, resulting in poor soil porosity and decreasing organic matter content, which has caused many biological groups to lose space for survival in the soil and ultimately reduced soil fertility.
Second, due to soil compaction, the soil’s water storage capacity is decreasing, and the lack of groundwater has seriously affected agricultural production.
Third, due to the soil compaction, the biological population is reduced, and the farmers ’friends are striving to increase the yield of the land, so that the amount and concentration of chemical fertilizers continue to increase, resulting in the decreasing utilization of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, only reaching 30% to 40% According to the



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