Benefits to crops of producing organic fertilizer by double roller granulator


Agriculture is the foundation of our country and plays a very important role in economic construction. Previously, agricultural planting mainly relied on traditional fertilizers, which not only had low efficacy, but also easily polluted the soil. With the continuous development of China’s economy, organic fertilizer began to appear and flourish. Many people began to use organic fertilizer in agricultural planting when they saw the use of organic fertilizer. Secondly, the manufacturer of the double roller granulator will talk about the benefits of organic fertilizer to crops.

Several advantages of the application of organic fertilizer in crops summarized by the manufacturer of counter double roller granulator:

  1. Provide nutrients and active substances for crops, and improve the intensity of photosynthesis. During the continuous mineralization of soil, the organic fertilizer starter can continuously supply various essential nutrients for crops for a long time, and can also provide a variety of active substances, such as amino acids, ribonucleic acids, humic acids and various enzymes.
  2. Comprehensive nutrition promotes the increase of crop yield and income. Livestock manure organic fertilizer contains rich organic matter, which can provide crops with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other trace elements, greatly improving the quality



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