Best Ever-Growing Educational Franchise in India


It’s about time you get out of that nine to five job and live up your entrepreneurial spirit. The catch here is that you don’t even have to start from ground zero. You will only have to invest your money and whoosh! The business is yours. Such is the power of the franchise. There are several education franchise opportunities in India. 

What is a franchise?


A franchise refers to leasing out a business and its rights to an individual, who in turn, pays a royalty fee to do business under the brand’s trademark. Franchising involves two parties- a franchisor, who grants rights and licenses to operate a business and a franchisee, who manoeuvres the business using the brand’s trademark. 

The best franchises to invest in are the franchise in the education sector in India. This is so because education is the only field that never faces recession. As of 2021, India has nearly 200,000 functioning franchise outlets. 

Top education franchise in India

Brainwonders is the top education franchise in India. And why would it not be? It is the only company with a US patent to conduct DMIT in India. 

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