Biomedical Industry Service from IEBS


The increasing focus on delivering improved medical services is driving the need for more precision and least-invasive practices for improving the patient’s quality of life. To meet these objectives, digital technologies such as augmented and virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, neural technology, and brain tools have gained significant traction. However, countering the adoption cost, integration with the existing framework, and regulatory hurdles are slowing the adoption.

The biomedical industry is expected to undergo an enormous transformation, given the advent of hi-tech disruptions. The introduction of new technologies such as IoMT (Internet of Medical Things), medical robots, and 3D printing will significantly impact healthcare services globally. Additionally, the evolution of digitization in the industry will compel manufacturers to acquire the latest health tech to remain competitive and conquer new markets. Transformation driven by these technological advancements presents a new set of opportunities and challenges for the industry. IEBS works closely with industry stakeholders to find the formula for sustainable and profitable growth. The team assists clients in discovering new technologies and identifying their impact on critical geographical markets. With wide-ranging capabilities in biomedical engineering, our team offers high-quality and cost-effective analytical services in several areas, including technology intelligence, active research, industrial development


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