Breakfast Cereal Crispy corn flakes Extruder Machine


Product Name: Breakfast Cereal Crispy corn flakes Extruder Machine

Company Name: Jinan Xilang Machinery Co., Ltd

Address: No. 5606-1, 10 West Road, Huaiyin District, Jinan

Description: 1. Xilong automatic breakfast corn flakes production line, the whole assembly line is reasonably matched, and can realize the whole process control, strong power operation and stable operation 2. The production line has a simple process and convenient operation.With corn, wheat, oats and other grains as raw materials, through the double screw extruder to achieve cooking, granulation, and then through pressing slices, baking, spraying and other processes, you can make raw, sweet, salty crisp ready-to-eat breakfast cornflakes food;3. The production line adopts the advanced double-screw extrusion technology, instead of the traditional pressure roller adhesive, which can fully retain the nutrients in the grain. The production line can also produce breakfast grain food of various shapes.

Contact: Shelly

Telphone: 86-0531-15666776101

Fax: 86-0531-85718188

Email: [email protected]

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