Cattle farm uses organic fertilizer production line to process cow manure organic fertilizer


Cattle farm uses organic fertilizer production line to process cow manure organic fertilizer

Now the state strongly supports organic fertilizer agriculture. For some local subsidies and support, cow manure organic fertilizer equipment processing bio-organic fertilizer entrepreneurship is the dream of many farmers. Cattle are anti-pawn animals. Therefore, cattle digest the feed thoroughly. The content of digestible substances such as protein and fat is low in cow dung, mainly crude fiber. Due to complete digestion, the dung is fine and dense, with high water content, difficult to ventilate and low fermentation temperature.

The cow manure organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production line has many advantages. Here are some examples:

  1. Improve the soil and make the land fertile. Because cow dung is cold fertilizer, while cattle are herbivores, the content of protein in cow dung is low, and there are many herbaceous fibers. It is suitable for application in fields with serious soil texture damage, which can improve soil permeability and increase soil nutrition.
  2. Improve crop yield and quality. Organic fertilizer is rich in various nutrient elements such as crude protein, crude fat and crude fiber. After decomposition of organic fertilizer, it can provide energy



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