Characteristics and advantages of a new type of organic fertilizer granulator


The characteristics of this new type organic fertilizer granulator machine:


1. High degree of automation and easy operation.
2. High pelletizing rate, up to 99%, high finished product rate, up to 98%, granulated standard spheres, uniformly shaped granules, almost no material return, no need to use a sieving machine, which is three times efficiency of other granulators .
3. The high quality of the fertilizer production, especially for the raw materials with high crude fiber content, no filler is needed during production, the organic content of the production will not be reduced, and the effect of fertilizer is good.
4. Low water content and high particle strength during granulation. It is very easy to dry, reducing the load of the dryer, saving the amount of coal used, and increasing the output of organic fertilizer production. And the temperature is low during drying, which is not easy to damage the beneficial microorganisms, which greatly ensures the activity of the biological organic fertilizer. Especially suitable for bio-organic fertilizer production, it is an indispensable equipment for the design of bio-organic fertilizer production line.
5. Low energy consumption, 60% energy saving compared with traditional organic fertilizer production, mainly reflected in high pelletizing rate,



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