Characteristics of various types of equipment for a complete set of organic fertilizer production line


Characteristics of various types of equipment for a complete set of organic fertilizer production line

  1. Speed control feeding belt conveyor

Equipped with a variable frequency speed control system, it can automatically control the material flow according to the set parameters to ensure the continuous and uniform feeding process requirements of the extrusion granulator.

  1. Extrusion granulator

(1) The improved special extrusion granulator for organic materials is adopted, with high granulation density, high strength and equal particle size, which can meet the requirements of the new polishing and shaping process for producing organic fertilizer granules, and the starting efficiency is 30% higher than that of the ordinary model.

(2) . The formwork is made of alloy steel material through heat treatment and other advanced processes, with good wear resistance and long service life

(3) The main engine is equipped with an oil cooling circulating system to ensure long-term continuous operation.

  1. Particle polishing and shaping machine

(1) This machine is the key equipment in the granulation production line of organic fertilizer with round particles, which can produce pure organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic fertilizer and bio-organic fertilizer.

(2) . The balling



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