Chemical Industry Service from IEBS


Chemical industry need to respond faster in the industry of constant change driven by innovation and technology disruption. Frequent technology developments, innovative solutions, advanced products, and an optimized supply chain have become the need of the hour. Our chemical experts work across all segments, including primary and intermediate chemicals, polymers, fibres and elastomers, agricultural chemicals, paints and coatings, and other specialty chemicals. Our chemical experts help clients solve their most demanding strategic and tactical business challenges around prominent issues such as environmental sustainability, new-age chemicals, and materials aligned to future needs and digitalization.

Challenges Solved by our Experts in Chemical Industry

  1. Plant, Process Flow & Control:

It includes process plant & equipment, process engineering, process control, process automation, flow management, plant & asset management, plant optimization, process intensification, digitalization, etc.

  1. Chemicals, Ingredients & Raw Materials:

It includes reports and analysis on Industrial & Supply Chain Chemicals, Value chain analysis, Chemical & Formulation ingredients & additives, Raw Materials – for Chemicals processing & product formulation sectors, green chemistry, etc.

It also includes sustainable solutions like Carbon footprint, energy balance, mass balance, viable alternatives of raw materials, waste


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