China Precision Investment Castings


Product Name: China Precision Investment Castings

Company Name: Dawang Steel Castings Co.,Ltd

Address: Dawang Village, Pusamiao Town, Donggang City, Liaoning Province, China

Description: 1. Parts with complex shapes can be cast, and stainless steel castings have high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.2. Good shock absorption and wear resistance, low notch sensitivity and good heat treatment performance.3. The mixed molding sand can be used for a long time and has a wide adaptability.4. For alloy materials that are difficult to forge, weld and cut, it is especially suitable for casting by precision casting.5. After heat treatment, the mechanical properties of the product are more perfect, with good attenuation performance, strong anti-corrosion fatigue and anti-water drop performance.

Contact: Sherry Xu

Telphone: 86-0415-7702362

Fax: 86-0415-7705999

Email: [email protected]

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