CMIT MIT Preservatives


Product Name: CMIT MIT Preservatives

Company Name: Dalian Tianwei Chemical Co., Ltd

Address: Rm2101 No.10 Aixian Street, High-Tech Industrial Zone Dalian Liaoning China

Description: 1. CMIT/MIT 5.0 is a kind of excellent water treatment agent with good miscibility.2. CMIT MIT Preservatives can be miscible with various corrosion inhibitors such as chlorine,scale inhibitor and dispersant, and most anionic, cationic and nonionic surfactants.3. CMIT MIT Preservatives is stable at PH 2.0-5.0,low use level,no VOC and odor,no APE surfactant,compatible with many surfactants and other ingredients.4. Isothiazolinone has a strong inhibition on common bacteria (sulfate reducing bacteria, sludge forming bacteria), fungi (iron oxidizing bacteria, mold, yeast), algae, etc. And killing effect.5. We have a professional technical team to provide technology support.

Contact: Blinda

Telphone: 86-0411-400 0066 001

Fax: 86-0411-400 0066 001

Email: [email protected]

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