Collaborative comprehensive information platform for search and explosion laboratory


Product Name: Collaborative comprehensive information platform for search and explosion laboratory

Company Name: Shandong Chengshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Jinan, Shandong, China

Description: The collaborative comprehensive information platform of the search and explosion laboratory will be a revolutionary innovation to traditional interrogation methods. Statistical analysis of police officers training, assessment status, equipment in and out of storage, etc. is accurately displayed on the page for police officers to view, and talent experts can be managed and adjusted. Talent experts information can be displayed in equipment management. Equipment, specifications, and quantities, through the case database and knowledge base to understand the case situation and the use of the equipment, the police cabinet equipment management can set the location where the equipment is stored, audit the maintenance of the equipment, check the access records of the equipment, etc. All police officers information is statistically analyzed and displayed in the form of a table.The system supports WEB-based use functions, which can be easily used by users; the system software can be upgraded flexibly to avoid excessive impact on the system; the system should be intuitive and easy to operate, the front desk design should conform to the operating system of the pre-qualified staff, and the background design should be done It is easy to maintain and manage, and it can be quickly checked when a fault occurs during operation. The system must have good scalability, portability and upgrade prospects, the system structure is modular, the functional modules can be smoothly expanded, and space should be reserved for possible upgrade services.

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