Command Type Digital Drum Set With 5 Drums 3 Cymbals


Product Name: Command Type Digital Drum Set With 5 Drums 3 Cymbals

Company Name: Quanzhou Moyin Musical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Address: No.2 Ningmei Road, Food Park, Jinjiang Economic Development Zone, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China 362241

Description: The professional manufacture of the electronic drum set and its accessories from 2018. We offer OEM or ODM service and one-stop service, so we can ensure the high quality, fast leadtime, high-quality after-sales service of our drum set and a competitive price.As a professional digital drum set, it comes with 195 types of ultra-realistic drum sounds, a simple interface and aa customizable sound library. Featuring velocity-sensitive triggers, you can set parameters for your drum pads and cymbals, to ensure the most accurate and natural response. With various effects and drum group functions, this digital drum set is the best choice for both on stage and at home.

Contact: zhoulin

Telphone: 86-0595-1234560

Fax: 86-0595-1234560

Email: [email protected]

Company Website:


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