Condition Improvement Fund 2021/22


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Maun Funding are education funding specialists, thanks to an expert team who work alongside schools and colleges in their condition improvement fund bids to accomplish their goals.


The whole aim of the condition improvement fund is to address significant condition needs to keep the buildings of education providers safe and in good order, along with making improvements and expansion.


We have worked on a large number of funding projects personally, and recently revealed the condition improvement fund 2020/21 results showing that £434 million had been distributed over 1,243 academies, colleges and voluntary aided schools across 1,476 projects. While there have been many successes there were unfortunate schools whose project was successful this time around. However, don’t give up heart as there is a condition improvement funds appeals round.


Along with this, we are now looking ahead to the results of the condition improvement fund 2022/23 and enjoy playing our part in helping many others gain success.


The core purpose of Maun Funding is to provide the very best opportunities to children in the UK.


Our main objective is to provide a safe environment in which children can learn. This is achieved by providing the best possible facilities and activities.


We don’t believe that money should



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