Conference Lanyards in Ireland


Custom printed lanyards are without doubt the best way for local Irish businesses to clearly identify their staff, whether it be internally at the office or externally at events. Conference Lanyards can be coupled with the explosion of electronic key fobs to enter office premises, lanyards have become the favoured product for staff members to wear. Not only does it offer a great branding opportunity for the company, but it also allows the staff members to carry ID cards or information to control entrance and visitor management. With staff members often wearing the personalized lanyard to and from work it is a great way to have your branding exposed to the public. Utility companies together with other sales related organisations use lanyards to identify their staff when carrying out work at peoples homes or in public places. Our most popular clients include a number of accounting firms and IT related companies who are issuing lanyards to staff to wear whilst completing tasks.  



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